Rangers vs. Senators Game 4 Round 2 Recap 5/4/2017

The Rangers win 4-1 to tie the series 2-2 against the senators.

In the first period the Rangers came out fast with a lot of aggression, similar to the last game.  Holden put us in the board first with a smart play in front of Anderson. Lindberg scored a pair of goals (both off of Tanner the man Glass’ hard working plays) in the second period. He continues to produce in the playoffs. In the third period, Kreider was scored on a power play, a much needed goal for him and hopefully this one gets him going. The senators scored a goal late in the third to break Henrik’s shutout, but it wouldn’t be nearly enough as the Rangers road the 4-1 score all the way to the finish. Before the end of the game the senators started to get scrappy with the rangers, but the rangers held their own and that made the senators look silly. There was more action in the final minute of play than in wrestling on Monday Night Raw.

Tanner Glass has been amazing for the Rangers and continues to prove he’s more than everyone says he is. Lindberg needs to be given power play time in my opinion, he has been great and has proven his skill throughout the season. Our defense has been almost perfect these last couple of games also including Henrik. Skjei and smith have proven to be a strong duo. Girardi has stepped his game up in the playoffs, even more than in the regular season. He’s blocked a lot of key shots, despite him struggling with a swollen ankle. The Rangers’ staff cut a hole in his skate so he could still play, if that doesn’t show determination and passion for his team, then I don’t know what does.  Now it’s down to a 3 game series as we go back to Ottawa on Saturday. The Rangers have pushed back, now it’s time to take over. Great game boys!

Postgame Interviews

Ottawa Senators
1 vs. 4 New York Rangers
23 Shots 30
0/2 Power Play 2/6
53.8% Faceoff% 46.2%
Turris: Playoff Goal (2)
Smith: Playoff assist
Harpur: Playoff assist
Anderson: 17 Saves
Condon: 9 Saves
Holden: Playoff Goal (1)
Hayes: Playoff assist
Lindberg: Playoff Goal (3)
Grabner: Playoff assist
Glass: 2 Playoff assists
Miller: Playoff assist
Kreider: Playoff Goal (2)
McDonagh: Playoff assist
Stepan: Playoff assist
Lundqvist: 22 Saves
Third Star: Michael Grabner
Second Star: Tanner Glass
First Star: Oscar Lindberg

Author: @JamesRubeck via Twitter

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