Rangers vs. Senators Game 2 Round 2 Recap 4/29/2017

The Rangers lose game 2 to the Senators in double overtime.

The Rangers blew this game and it was bad. There are so many things that happened last night that are just disappointing. Our power play continues to be nonexistent- seriously we have more short handed goals this series than we do power play goals. The power play lines need to be shaken up completely because it’s not working. The Rangers were up 5-3 with 3 minutes left in the game and allowed the Senators to tie the game and take it to overtime. Not only is that inexcusable in a regular season game, but in the playoffs it’s absolutely pathetic.

I have always defended Alain Vigneault from the start, but I can’t defend his deployment of players in that game. Brady Skjei was without a doubt our best player last night and saw second to last ice time, just in front of his partner Smith for defensemen, who was probably the second best defenseman last night. The pairing of Holden and Staal has started to become nothing but a problem, yet Alain Vigneault continues to put them out there in crucial moments of the game, or give them more minutes then the Skjei/Smith pairing. They need to quickly wake up, and no longer just the players. I still believe in our Blueshirts and think they can get it done at home. Our backs are against the wall now and the Rangers have done well in that position in the past, let’s show people what we can do. Let’s go Rangers!

Postgame Interviews

New York Rangers
5 vs. 6 Ottawa Senators
48 Shots 34
0/4 Power Play 0/4
41.6% Faceoff% 58.4%
Grabner: Playoff Goal (3)
Fast: Playoff assist
Kreider: Playoff Goal (1)
Zibanejad: 2 Playoff assists
McDonagh: 2 Playoff assists
Stepan: Playoff Goal (2)
Nash: Playoff assist
Skjei: Playoff Goal (4)
Smith: Playoff assist
Lundqvist: 28 Saves
Pageau: 4 Playoff Goals (5) 1 2OT Goal
Methot: Playoff Goal (1)
Hoffman: Playoff assist
Harpur: Playoff assist
Stone: Playoff Goal (2)
Phaneuf: 2 Playoff assists
Claesson: Playoff assist
Z.Smith: Playoff assist
Turris: Playoff assist
Karlsson: Playoff assist
Burrows: Playoff assist
Anderson: 43 Saves
Third Star: Brady Skjei
Second Star: Dion Phaneuf
First Star: Jean-Gabriel Pageau

Author: @JamesRubeck


5 thoughts on “Rangers vs. Senators Game 2 Round 2 Recap 4/29/2017

      1. Yup. It’s gonna be all they talk about all offseason and then into the 2017-18 season.

        Do you think Alain makes adjustments for Game 3?

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