Rangers vs. Canadiens Game 4 Recap 4/18/2017

The Rangers win 2-1 over the Canadiens to tie the series 2-2.

The Rangers play an even game against Montreal in the first. However, 11:39 into the first period, Fast put the rangers on the board. There were a lot of missed penalties, that weren’t called by the referees. I think officiating needs to be more consistent and fair for each team. 18:37 into the first Mitchell was able to tie the game for the Canadiens. The Rangers came into the second period playing a much stronger game. The second was their best period since game 1. Montreal didn’t get a shot on goal until halfway through the second period. 4:28 into the second Nash scored the game winning goal after a beautiful play and pass by McDonagh. The Rangers started to play a more defensive game in the third to try to hold on to the lead. Henrik played a strong game too and definitely kept us in this.

The rangers were playing with a lot of intensity tonight. This game was a huge one and a must win in my opinion. Nash had a great game as always and probably could’ve had a few more goals if it wasn’t for the nice saves by price. Smith was an absolute warrior tonight, and should have been credited with drawing 3 penalties tonight, but it seemed like the referees were blind. Smith has been huge for us in this series and may be our best defenseman. Henrik has been solid as a brick wall the entire series. A great game tonight and a HUGE win to tie the series. We go back to Montreal on Thursday. We play better on the road so it should be another Nail Biter. Let’s have faith in our Blueshirts!

Montreal Canadiens
1 vs. 2 New York Rangers
24 Shots 32
0/3 Power Play 0/2
54.4% Faceoff% 45.6%
Mitchell: Playoff goal (1)
Weber: Playoff assist
Radulov: Playoff assist
Price: 30 Saves
Fast: Playoff goal (1)
Nash: Playoff goal (2)
McDonagh: Playoff assist
Lundqvist: 23 Saves
Third Star: Carey Price
Second Star: Henrik Lundqvist
First Star: Rick Nash

Author: @JamesRubeck via Twitter

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