Rangers vs. Canadiens Game 3 Recap 4/16/2017

The Rangers lose 3-1 to go down 2-1 in the series to the Canadiens.

In the first the Rangers (besides Henrik) did nothing. The Canadiens were able to score 7:37 into the second period on a power play goal by Lehkonen, the Rangers (besides Henrik) also did nothing in the second period. 7:42 into the third Weber was able to score another power play goal to go up 2-0. 15:37 into the third Radulov scored to make it 3-0. As you might have guessed the Rangers (besides Henrik) did nothing also in the third. Thankfully, Brady Skjei was able to score late to make it 3-1. It came a little too late as there were only 3 minutes left in regulation.

This is going be a short recap because I’m very upset at the effort the rangers put forth tonight at home, Henrik was the only player who had a good game tonight. Henrik was actually awesome tonight. He can’t do it all by himself. This game was sad and other then our king there is nothing positive to say about tonight. All of the same critiques and corrections are the same, they need to apply them now. We have to forget this one and come to play in game 4. Do this for Lundqvist, boys.

Postgame Interviews

Montreal Canadiens
3 vs. 1 New York Rangers
29 Shots 21
2/3 Power Play 0/3
52.5% Faceoff% 47.5%
Lehkonen: Playoff goal (1)
Gallagher: Playoff assist
Plekanec: Playoff assist
Weber: Playoff goal (1)
Galchenyuk: Playoff assist
Radulov: Playoff goal (2) Playoff assist
Danault: Playoff Assist
Price: 20 Saves
Skjei: Playoff goal (1)
Klein: Playoff assist
Zibanejad: Playoff assist
Lundqvist: 26 Saves
Third Star: Alexander Radulov
Second Star: Artturi Lehkonen
First Star: Carey Price

Author: @JamesRubeck via Twitter

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