Rangers vs. Canadiens Game 2 Recap 4/14/2017

The Rangers lose to the Montreal Canadiens in Game 2 in Overtime.

Unlike game 1, the Rangers started off the game playing sloppy. They weren’t playing smart and couldn’t help Henrik as much. Henrik’s stick was broken by Montreal’s Gallagher, and our goalie without a stick, the Canadiens were able to score first. Thankfully Grabner put us on the boards from a beautiful breakaway to tie the game with an unassisted goal. Montreal’s Byron takes the lead again. Both defensemen, Staal and Holden were behind the net which left our opponents open.

In the second period, Holden plays a long pass to Vesey and he passes to Nash right in front of Carey Price, which allows him to bank one in top shelf. Late in the third Zuccarello positions himself at the top of the net, and Smith passes him the puck to take the 3-2 lead. The momentum started to change, but still the Rangers didn’t have too much of a handle on their play. Early in the third we were already playing a more defensive game. The Canadiens were getting more shots on net, but Henrik was keeping us in the game. 17 seconds left in the game, the Canadiens tie the game. The defensive playing wasn’t going to last forever, with how sloppy the Rangers were playing.

In Overtime, the Rangers were obviously tired. They were in their own zone for most of the period. With a minute left in the first Overtime, the Canadiens score to tie the playoff series 1-1.  The Rangers should’ve won this game, they were 17 seconds away from a 2-0 series lead. Henrik Lundqvist was playing sharp, but the defense was sloppy and the offense had lackluster play. We bring the series home to Madison Square Garden, tied at 1-1. Hopefully they boys in blue can pull a win out for the home crowd. I’ll always believe in them. Let’s go Rangers!

Postgame Interviews

New York Rangers
3 vs. 4 Montreal Canadiens
38 Shots 58
0/3 Power Play 0/4
50.6% Faceoff% 49.4%
Grabner: Playoff goal (2)
Nash: Playoff goal (1)
Vesey: Playoff assist
Holden: Playoff assist
Zuccarello: Playoff goal (1)
Smith: Playoff Assist
Stepan: Playoff Assist
Lundqvist: 54 Saves
Petry: Playoff goal (1)
Danault: Playoff assist
Radulov: 2 Playoff assist
Byron: Playoff goal (1)
Gallagher: Playoff assist
Plekanic: Playoff goal (1) Playoff assist
Galchenyuk: Playoff assist
Pacioretty: Playoff assist
Weber: Playoff assist
Price: 35 Saves
Third Star: Tomas Plekanec
Second Star: Henrik Lundqvist
First Star: Aleander Radulov

Author: @MeghanMalcolm via Twitter

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