Rangers vs Canadiens Game 1 Recap 4/12/2017

The Rangers win 2-0 against the Canadiens in Game 1.

In the first period all of the adrenaline was full force, and the teams were going back and fourth hammering each other, and fighting for every puck. 9:50 into the first Tanner Glass… yes I said Tanner Glass scored the first goal of the 2017 playoffs off of a beautiful back hand snipe. After that it was hard nosed hockey all the way to the third period. Time was winding down and the Canadiens pulled price for the extra skater. At 18:50 into the third Grabner scored the empty netter. Game one in the books.

The best player on the ice, hands down tonight, was Henrik Lundqvist. He was amazing tonight with his shutout and continues to prove he is still an elite goaltender. You better buy a lottery ticket if you predicted Tanner Glass scoring the first goal of the playoffs, by a backhanded snipe on Price, none the less. It was a great game for him proving nay Sayers wrong. Girardi was using his body a lot,  hammering hits around the ice and had a wonderful game.  Smith also looked very solid on defense tonight. The 4th line of Glass, Lindberg, and Fast was the best line tonight and a huge part of why we took game one. Big game one victory on the road boys! Let’s take it to game 2 and put the pressure on them going back to the Garden!

Postgame Interviews

New York Rangers
2 vs. 3 Montreal Canadiens
31 Shots 31
0/4 Power Play 0/4
50.0% Faceoff% 50.0%
Glass: Playoff goal (1)
Grabner: Playoff goal (1)
Fast: Playoff Assist
Lundqvist: 31 Saves
Price: 29 Saves
Third Star: Carey Price
Second Star: Tanner Glass
First Star: Henrik Lundqvist

Author: @JamesRubeck via Twitter

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