Rangers vs. Penguins Recap 4/9/2017

The Rangers beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in the last game of the regular season at home.

In the first period the game was fairly even. The Penguins got on the board first from a Bonino goal at 9:16 into the first. Shortly after McDonagh took it into his own hands and got a nice goal taking it from the neutral zone, 13:54 into the first. Then the end of the first period Stepan scored a power play goal with Nash setting the screen in front. 13:38 into the second period Rowney scored to tie the game 2-2 for the pens. Then in 7:23 into the third Vesey scored the game winner for the rangers.

Although this is not a true roster for each team with players resting for the playoffs it was a good game for the Rangers. Hellberg got his first career start tonight and won it, you could hear in his voice in the post game how much it meant to him. I think the Rangers needed this win going into the playoffs to get them going. Mats Zuccarello was the recipient of the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award. He’s a player who continuously plays with heart every season. It was a beautiful award ceremony as they honored Steven McDonald after his passing in January. There were a lot of tears in MSG, but it just brings everyone closer as a Blueshirt. It’s confirmed we’ll play on Wednesday in Montreal, and hopefully the Ranger’s had a boost of confidence from the spirit of Steven and all of the fans.

Postgame Interviews

Pittsburgh Penguins
2 vs. 3 New York Rangers
24 Shots 25
Power Play 1/1
47.2% Faceoff% 52.8%
Bonino: Goal (18)
Simon: Assist
Kessel: Assist
Rowney: Goal (3)
Jarry: 22 Saves
McDonagh: Goal (6) Assist
Grabner: Assist
Stepan: Goal (17) PPG
Zibanejad: 2 Assists
Vesey: Goal (16)
Hellberg: 22 Saves
Third Star: Magnus Hellberg
Second Star: Jimmy Vesey
First Star: Ryan McDonagh

Author: @JamesRubeck and @MeghanMalcolm via Twitter


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