Rangers vs. Kings Recap 3/25/2017

The rangers win 3-0 against the Kings.

In the first, the Rangers were a little sloppy but picked up their play and got a lot of scoring chances. No one was able to find the net until half way through the second, Stepan was able to find a much needed goal for himself to take the lead 1-0. Then in the beginning of the third McDonagh was able to find a goal to score on the PP to make it 2-0. Then at the end of the game, after a great defensive end play by Girardi, Nash was able to score the empty netter to seal the game 3-0.

STEPAN SCORED, finally he gets rewarded for his efforts. It was a empty netter for Nasher but I’m sure his felt just as good. Both of these guys are leaders on our team and need that scoring touch come playoff time. I don’t care what people say about Girardi on twitter, this, his first game back after the injury, was a easy way to see how important he is to this team. Those blocked shots on the penalty kill and the hit he took to make a pass to Nash for the 3rd goal was a pure show of how much of a warrior he is, and it’s interesting to see how much our Penalty Kill has struggled without him. He is probably the toughest human being I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’m just bias, but I’m pro Girardi and always will be. Then there is Raanta who was an absolute stud tonight. He made tough save after save and was rewarded with the shutout. Raanta has been such an enjoyable player to watch since he has been a Ranger. Grabner also had a great game, he did everything out there but bury one. It seems like Grabner gets four breakaways a game. His defensive side I think is over looked sometimes, yet he is so strong in that area. Great game for us tonight. Two more points and we are locked it for this years playoff ride. Let’s get it boys!

PostGame Interviews

New York Rangers
3 vs. 0 Los Angeles Kings
20 Shots 30
1/2 Power Play 0/3
40.0% Faceoff% 60.0%
Stepan: Goal (14)
Zuccarello: 2 Assists
Smith: Assist
McDonagh: Goal (6)
Zibanejad: 2 Assists
Nash: Goal (21)
Girardi: Assist
Raanta: 30 Saves
Quick: 17 Saves
Third Star: Ryan McDonagh
Second Star: Derek Stepan
First Star: Antti Raanta

Author: @JamesRubeck via Twitter


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