Rangers vs. Devils Recap 3/21/2017

The Rangers lose 3-2 in OT against the Devils.

Throughout the entire first period and half of the second the game was just back and forth with no scoring. Finally with 5 minutes left in the second period, Quenneville scored one for the devils making it 1-0. Shortly after,  Linberg was able to find the back of the net to tie the game 1-1. Taylor Hall answered and was able to score for the devils to make it 2-1. The score remained this way until the end of the second. You can tell how strong the rivalry between New Jersey and New York is by how scrappy the game was. The Rangers were hitting a lot harder than usual which caused a couple of fights to break out. In the third period Nash was able to tie the game on the power play for the Rangers to make it 2-2. A lot of back and forth after that, but the game was tied at the end of the third. In overtime Raanta and Schneider made several nice saves, and it seemed like the Rangers had the upper hand. However, the Devils were able to score to win the game. Lindberg continues his strong play as of late and has back to back goals in two games now. Skjei picks up another assist, and continues to pile them up in his rookie season. Raanta played well and had several huge saves tonight especially in overtime. Nash had a strong game as always, but it finally payed off for him tonight as he scored a goal on the power play. The Rangers should have won this game. They had complete control in overtime. They gave the Devils one last opportunity late and it was all they needed to end this one. A tough loss tonight as the boys played hard. It was actually a fun game to watch, but you have to put that one away.

Postgame Interviews

New York Rangers
2 vs. 3 New Jersey Devils
40 Shots 29
1/2 Power Play 1/3
61.4% Faceoff% 38.6%
Lindberg: Goal (7)
Buchnevich: Assist
McDonagh: Assist
Nash: Goal (19)
Hayes: Assist
Skjei: Assist
Raanta: 26 Saves
Quenneville: Goal (1) Assist
Blandisi: Goal (3) Assist
Zacha: Assist
Hall: Goal (18)
Palmieri: Assist
Schneider: 38 Saves
Third Star: John Quenneville
Second Star: Cory Schneider
First Star: Joseph Blandisi

Author: @JamesRubeck via Twitter


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