Rangers vs. Canes Recap 3/9/2017

The Rangers fell short today in Raleigh, when playing against the Carolina Hurricanes.

In the first, the Rangers were all over the Canes. Two penalties were given to the Hurricanes which put the Rangers 5 on 3. An initial shot by McDonagh and an assist by Stepan, gave Kreider the chance to score to put us up on the board at 12:37 in the first. Defense started to give up, as we couldn’t clear the puck out of our zone. The Hurricanes tied it 1-1 at 6:45. 29 seconds later they took the lead, 2-1. Another defensive fail *facepalm*.

Through the second period it seemed as though the Rangers picked things up. 12:44 in the 2nd, Mika Zibanejad gives us our second PowerPlay goal and ties it at 2. 3:18 in the second, a failed attempt at clearing the puck, allowed Mika Zibanejad to score his second goal on another PowerPlay. Raanta had been making outstanding saves in the game, but his defense needed to give as much effort as he was.

The third period was the ending of a defenseless game. On their PowerPlay Sebastian “Ah-oh” would score the third goal to tie it. Although this goal was very controversial as to whether or not Lindholm initiated contact with Raanta, you could see Raanta’s mask being lifted by Lindholm’s elbow. At the end of the game Raanta and Alain Vigneault showed great frustration in the explanation they got. It was considered a good goal. The official explanation was that Raanta initiated contact, but the problem with this is that Raanta was clearly in his crease. I think the NHL messed up, and should enforce their rules consistently. The Rangers take another penalty late in the 3rd, Sebastion Aho took advantage of the PowerPlay and took the lead of 4-3.

Tonight the Rangers defense lacked overall. Raanta wasn’t able to keep them in the game forever. Stepan had 10 shots tonight, and although he hasn’t been able to break his goal slump, he continues to pick up assists with two in tonight’s game. Surprisingly, the struggling PowerPlay was the bright side tonight. They scored 3 PowerPlay goals. The injuries continue to hold back the Rangers, but many are returning soon. The defense needs to catch their stride before the Playoffs. Luckily our goaltending continues to hold us together.

Postgame Interviews

New York Rangers
3 vs. 4 Carolina Hurricanes
43 Shots 30
3/6 Power Play 2/4
43.4% Faceoff% 56.6%
Kreider: Goal (26) Assist
Stepan: 2 Assists
McDonagh: Assist
Zibanejad: 2 Goals (11)
Raanta: 26 Saves
Skinner: Goal (21)
Rask: Assist
Zykov: Goal (1)
Aho: 2 Goals (20) Assist
Staal: 2 Assists
Teravainen: Assist
Lindholm: Assist
Ward: 40 Saves
Third Star: Jordan Staal
Second Star: Valentin Zykov
First Star: Sebastian Aho

Author: @MeghanMalcolm via Twitter


3 thoughts on “Rangers vs. Canes Recap 3/9/2017

  1. Good evening.
    Is the sky falling? Are the Islanders catching up?
    The best thing about this game is Zibanejad may be heating up, finally. They need him to get going for the playoffs.
    Is this the year when Kreider scores 30?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Islanders could be sneaking up on us, either way I think we’re good for the playoffs. *Fingers crossed*. I agree about Zibanejad, I hope we see a lot more from him. I also think Kreider could make it 30, he needs to continue to play smart for that. -Meghan


  2. Great review, Meghan!

    Very controversial third goal. Not convinced either way, because although Raanta’s skates were in crease, his upper body was not and his head was technically contacted outside the crease. Ultimately, I think it should’ve been disallowed. But I can see from the other p.o.v.

    Just try to get everyone healthy and rested heading into the playoffs. That should be the team’s goal.

    Liked by 1 person

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