Rangers vs. Lightning Recap 3/6/2017

Rangers win in OT tonight 1-0 over the Lightning.

After a very scrappy first period with a Tanner Glass fight, the game was deadlocked at 0-0. It stayed that way all through regulation because Antti Raanta and Andrei Vasilevskiy stood on their heads. Rick Nash was strong in the game, something you can always notice. He has strong legs, and plays physically. When he gets the puck on the boards, he uses his body and tries to generate play to get the puck to the net.

Finally, in the OT period McDonagh made a pretty pass to Zibanejad for the break away and he buries it past Vasilevskiy for the win. There isn’t a lot to say about the game, besides the goaltending battle. Raanta continues to be a monster between the pipes for the Rangers. Some have started to mention, how long if Raanta continues to play this way before a team wants his services as a starter?

Tanner Glass was a huge question mark today as Rangers’ fans were very divided on if they liked the call up, or hated it. I personally enjoyed watching him play tonight with the fire he had. His first shift he went in deep on the forecheck and almost created a goal because of it, also his fight was a beauty. Raanta mentioned in his postgame interview how his fight and physical play sparked the team. Dave Maloney said in the Postgame that him and Ron Duguay were discussing how important it is to have someone like Tanner Glass in lineup. They need someone to fire them up. They won’t be fighting every game, and they’ve been successful with their skill. Though, you’ll inevitably play games outside of your skin. Tanner Glass is just the catalyst to nudge the confidence in the Rangers. You could see his effect after being in lineup, and his fight, as Pirri and Vesey played with more of an edge themselves. You have to respect that in Tanner glass, with him in the lineup.

Will having one player playing 8-9 minutes make them play harder? That’s a good question, and that’s a tough one for me to try and sell. I think players play hard and our group plays hard. 8-9 minutes in any game can make a difference, any player can make a positive or negative difference depending on the way he plays. – Alain Vigneault on whether or not Tanner Glass would make a difference playing only about 10 minutes a game.

The Rangers took the win because of Raanta tonight, simple as that. I love the new pads and helmet, Antti! The Rangers got together to talk about what is most important, something that Derek Stepan mentioned in his interview last postgame. Work ethic, and working smart. I think that message got through tonight.

Postgame Interviews

New York Rangers
1 vs. 0 Tampa Bay Lightning
34 Shots 38
0/3 Power Play 0/6
44.3% Faceoff% 55.7%
Zibanejad: Goal (9) OT
McDonagh: Assist
Raanta: 38 Saves
Vasilevskiy: 33 Saves
Third Star: Mika Zibanejad
Second Star: Antti Raanta
First Star: Andrei Vasilevskiy

Authors: @JamesRubeck and @MeghanMalcolm via Twitter


2 thoughts on “Rangers vs. Lightning Recap 3/6/2017

  1. Great recap, Meghan and James. This was a fantastic goalie duel. I wonder what the protection situation is for the upcoming expansion draft. If Antti is signed beyond this year and he cant be protected, I’d have to think that Las Vegas would take him as their goalie.

    I honestly don’t see the big deal playing Glass, on a team nearly guaranteed of the playoffs, simply to give other guys rest for the playoffs. But Rangers Twitter acts like every single move they disagree with has no basis in reality. All the fancystats fans act like they’re the be all and end all of hockey knowledge.

    I hope it’s okay to disagree, though, I
    really didn’t notice any legit spark provided by his fight, and I think players usually give max effort regardless of whether a teammate fights.

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