Rangers vs. Canadiens Recap 3/4/2017

Rangers lose to the Canadiens tonight 4-1. To be blatantly honest, there is not much to say about this one tonight. The Rangers looked sloppy from the drop of the puck in the first. All throughout the first the Canadiens were all over the Rangers. That play continued through most of the second period. In the third the rangers picked up their play somewhat but still couldn’t find a way to play solid defensively. Kreider scored the lone goal for the Rangers tonight. As I have said before, and it feels like I’m just repeating myself lately, the Rangers are being way to cute with the puck in grade A shooting areas. I don’t even want to mention the defense tonight because it was just awful at times; leaving Hank out to dry over and over it seemed like. The rangers do have some injuries that hopefully will return to the line up soon. They need to find their game and find it quick with the playoffs on the door step. Tough one to watch tonight.

Postgame Interviews

Montréal Canadiens
4 vs. 1 New York Rangers
35 Shots 27
0/1 Power Play
62.5% Faceoff% 37.5%
Weber: Goal (15)
Pacioretty: 2 Assists
Ott: Assist
Lehkonen: Goal (12)
Danault: Assist
Shaw: Goal (10)
Galchenyuk: 2 Assists
Markov: Assist
Benn: Goal (3)
Beaulieu: Assist
Price: 26 Saves
Kreider: Goal (24)
Stepan: Assist
Zuccarello: Assist
Lundqvist: 31 Saves
Third Star: Alex Galchenyuk
Second Star: Max Pacioretty
First Star: Carey Price

Author: @JamesRubeck via Twitter


5 thoughts on “Rangers vs. Canadiens Recap 3/4/2017

  1. Good afternoon!
    Let them heal. Kreider is banged up, Miller isn’t a 100% either, I suspect. Who knows who else. Put them on IR, get emergency recalls. Let people heal. .500 hockey gives them 101 points. It’ll take 15-2-1 for Toronto to catch up. Same, or so, for the Islanders

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  2. Couldn’t have said it any better. Hard one to watch tonight. Didn’t even bother watching the 3rd period. As much as people bash Girardi, I think when he’s back, our team will be better. Not sure about Klein, he’s been ineffective much of year imo

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    1. Not sure what has happened to Klein this year, possibly a bigger injury then we have been informed on.. big drop off for him.. and I’m a team Girardi guy so I agree with you.. also the Holden/Staal Clen/Skjei lines are not working at all.. we will have to see what AV decides to do. He was pretty annoyed with the guys in his post game interview. Went on to say he shouldn’t have to tell them how to make a 10 foot pass. Haha


      1. I agree, there probably is an undisclosed injury with Klein.

        I’m not really into lines and pairings or educated on them aside from the usual McD/Girardi pair.

        That’s funny about AV, but I think I’ve read you on here before say that they need to get back to basics. So AV probably sees that too.

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