Rangers vs. Leafs Recap 2/23/2017

The Rangers win a roller coaster of a game tonight against the Leafs in a shootout. Rangers dominated play for most of the game against the leafs, but the leafs found a way to strike first.

A combination of Anderson making saves and the Rangers missing the net kept the game 1-0 leafs for the majority of the game. Finally later in the third JT Miller buries a goal to tie the game 1-1.

Rangers controlled the game for the first 3 periods but the leafs still managed to push the game to OT. The 3 on 3 OT in this game was one of the most exciting overtimes I have ever seen since 3 on 3 was implemented… The Leafs and Rangers went back and forth the whole 5 minutes. There was breakaway after breakaway for both teams. Although Anderson and Hank shut down every chance on either end. Neither goalie deserved a loss tonight.

As they crossed center ice for the shootout both goalies even acknowledged one another for the great game they both have played. However, Zucc and Zibanejad would both score in the shootout to allow hank to make one last save to put the game away for the rangers. It was one hell of a game.

New York Rangers
2 vs. 1 Toronto Maple Leafs
38 Shots 33
0/2 Power Play 0/3
67.2% Faceoff% 32.8%
Miller: Goal (19)
Hayes: Assist
Pirri: Assist
Zuccarello: Goal SO
Zibanejad: Goal SO
Lundqvist: 32-33 SV-S
Brown: Goal (15)
Bozack: Assist
Gardiner: Assist
Matthews: Goal SO
Anderson: 37-38 SV-S
Third Star: Mika Zibanejad
Second Star: Frederik Andersen
First Star: Henrik Lundqvist

Author: @JamesRubeck via Twitter


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