Honestly I can’t say I’m too upset NYR lost to the Isles but I’m sure I’ll get called a “bad fan” or a “fake fan” because of that. I’m still a big fan of “tank for WC1” but what do I know? Anyhow…this game was one to forget but someone wouldn’t get that just from looking at the score. Our forwards were trying to be too cute with the puck and not getting off shots when they had the chance and when they did get shots off they (as usual) miss the net wide (cough Stepan). However the forward group was not the issue with this game. It was again the defense…have we heard this before?

Clendening had a bad goal against, so did Staal, and so did McDonagh. Note that I am sick and tired of people on Twitter losing their damn minds whenever you say Clendening and/or McDongah had a bad shift and/or game. These people create a false equivalence (for the sheep reading this…please learn what this means) and they equate saying something negative about McDonagh and/or Clendo to also saying Girardi/Klein/Staal are good. Give it a rest because that is NOT what I am saying. Clendo was just out of place on his bad goal but that happens, that’s what we expect from him (good offense, average/sometimes below avg defense). Staal had a bad turnover (awful) and just looked like he had no idea what to do on the ice for the 2nd goal against but keep in mind that goal could’ve been avoided if there was more of a backcheck by the forwards. **NOTE I LITERALLY JUST SAID STAAL WAS AT FAULT but I’m saying it could’ve been avoided…you can understand this if you have the ability to focus on two aspects at the same time (which humans are definitely able to do).** McDonagh’s goal against was basically the worst of the all because it was a short-handed goal. Anyone with eyes could see that he lost/misplayed the puck behind the net and then had a few seconds of looking completely clueless (FALSE EQUIVALENCE WARNING ALERT!!). Skjei played well, Girardi played alright (average) and Holden was “meh”/slightly below average. Bottom line, as we ALL know already, this defense has to change but as of right now…just have to hope for the best.

Special teams….woof. The blueshirt PP has been God awful for many reasons. They had a PP goal tonight but I’m calling that one lucky and that’s about it. They need to adjust something moving forward with this (Hi AV and/or ANYONE on the coaching staff…).

Lundqvist was solid as usual…left out to dry again but HE IS NOT the problem (obviously).

KEYS moving forward (in no particular order)…

1.Fix the power play PLEASE

2.Defense needs to be competent (ALL OF THEM…yes that INCLUDES McDonagh) **FALSE EQUIVALENCE WARNING**



Author: @BenR_Experience via Twitter.



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